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Enjoy the premium selection of Hallmark bed frames to match your mattress.
You are invited to our showroom to view, touch and select from a wide variety of options such as:

  • Side drawers (left, right, center)
  • Lift-up Compartment
  • Divan Height
  • Fabric Type (Woven Fabrics & Leather)
  • Fabric Colors


For your easy matching of the bed frame materials, colors, size, and other
specifications with your mattress, please visit our showroom.
Our representative will be glad to guide you with the many options available.

Our Bed frames are made to fit Singapore mattresses perfectly:
Single, Super Single, Queen, King

hallmark bedframe esperEsper Model Bed Frame Leather or Fabric Material

hallmark bedframe oltazFrame 730 price-Max-Quality.jpg

hallmark bedframe tura Frame 762 price-Max-Quality.jpg

hallmark bedframe-dolceFrame 762 price-Max-Quality.jpg

hallmark bedframe madoreFrame 775 insert card.jpg

hallmark bedframe-giannaFrame 781 insert Card 350 x 350.jpg

bedframe arclineaFrame 780 price-Max-Quality.jpg

hallmark bedframe minotiFrame 735 price-Max-Quality.jpg

hallmark bed frame valbertoFrame 750 price-Max-Quality.jpg

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Why are Bed Frames Important?

  • A night of good sleep helps recharge our mind and body for the next day of work. 

  • Do not overlook the importance of bed frames to your quality of sleep.

  • A good frame should hold your mattress in place, preventing it from shifting and sliding.

  • A sturdy bed frame is essential to support your mattress or else it may slack and get damaged prematurely.

  • A combination of poor frame and mattress may result in back injuries due to weak support.

  • Minimize the chances of that happening by choosing quality bed frames.

  • The storage bed frame is also available with two options: drawers and a lift-up compartment.

  • Lastly, the right bed frame can breathe life and complement the decor of your bedroom.

  • Think of the mattress and bed frame as an inseparable pair. Without either one, a good night's sleep is impossible to achieve.

Here at Bedorigin, we have a premium selection of high-quality Hallmark bed frames to match your mattress and meet your sleeping requirements. These bed frames cater to many mattress sizes, including queen-sized and king-sized.