Grandeur Mattress

Support feel: Custom

A mattress that adjusts to you than the other way. You and your partner may sleep on the same mattress but each side has its own customized individual configuration. Grandeur mattress is designed with Ergonosleep system that lets you configure your comfort zones in multiple ways.

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Ergonosleep the best way to customize your mattress

  • A top of the line mattress that lets you configure your comfort zones in multiple ways at any time.
  • Up to 72 customized configurations may be made to various zones.
    custom layers
  • The left side and right side of the mattress may be simply configured to different levels of feel independently of each other.
    configurable zones
  • The head, mid-body and bottom of each side may again be set to various levels of support.
    mattress zones
  • Simple zippered compartments allow soft, mid and firm support foams to be replaced and re-arranged easily.
  • Sanitized treatment to eliminate microbes and parasites.
  • Soft knitted Poly-viscose Jacquard mattress fabric with I-cool technology.
  • I-cool technology emits cool sensation upon touch.
    Cool to the touch
  • Hallmark Ergonosleep Spring system features 12 complex layers of springs, foams and NATURAL LATEX to better support your sleeping posture in comfort.

    Grandeur Mattress 12 Layers of Support
    Grandeur Mattress 12 Layers of Support
  • Supported with high-tensile steel and parallel heat-treated spring.
  • 10-year Limited Warranty. Click here for more info.
  • For a detailed comparison of all mattress models, please click here.

If you need more information or give feedback about our mattress, please message us.

Mattress SizeMeasurement
Single91 x 190 + 38 cm
Super Single107  x 190 + 38 cm
Queen152 x 190 + 38 cm
King183 x 190 + 38 cm
Super King200 x 200 + 38 cm


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