Hallmark Senses XE Mattress


Support feel: latex-sense mid-firm

Hallmark Senses XE Mattress provides layered latex softness with a subsequent level of firmness. Regulate and refresh your quality of sleep with its Nanobionic technology.

Designed & Developed by BedOrigin


Hallmark Senses Mattress provides mid firm comfort with layered latex softness for your sleep

  • Latex-sense Medium-Firm mattress configuration that has initial softness followed by gradual firmness.
  • 4-sided encasement for solid sturdiness.
  • Independent coil spring system.Senses Mattress is backed with multi-foam support that lets the user gradual firm support as he falls into a deep sleep.
  • Features Nanobionic TechnologySenses Mattress users will have their sleep enhanced with the Nanobionic Technolgy that helps them recover quicker thru sleep
  • NANOBIONIC is a high-tech coating that transforms body heat into far infrared rays (FIR) and reflects them back to the body.
  • This FIR Technology is intended to promote increased blood flow and the thermo-regulation of healthy individuals.
  • Knitted Poly-viscose Jacquard Mattress Fabric treated with HyCare, eliminating dust mites, bacteria, and fungus.
    Senses Mattress HyCare protection makes no compromise with dust mites, bacteria and fungus.
  • 10-year Limited Warranty. Click here for more info.
  • For a detailed comparison of all mattress models, please click here.

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