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Beautiful Petals and Leaves

Printed Series

With its wide mix of patterns and colors, our prints bedding assortment adds atmosphere and makes your room feel more individual and personal. Come explore our exclusive design collection and find that perfect match for your bedroom.

Grey Layered Tencel Print

S $109.00$269.00

Grey Lines Tencel Print

S $109.00$269.00

Blue Scale Tencel Print

S $109.00$269.00

Soft Blue Floral Tencel Print

S $109.00$269.00

Mild White Floral Tencel Print

S $109.00$269.00

Pink Purple Floral Tencel Print

S $109.00$269.00

Grey Tone Floral Tencel Print

S $109.00$269.00

Grey Sky Floral Tencel Print

S $109.00$269.00

Blue Sky Floral Tencel Print

S $109.00$269.00

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Egyptian Cotton Towels

Bedorigin offers only premium quality towels and floor mats in Singapore. Made from long-fiber Egyptian cotton and soft bamboo, Hallmark towels are well-known for being soft, fluffy, brilliant colors and absorbs water quickly

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