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From comfortable feather down pillows in 2 chambers to luxurious goosedown quilt, Hallmark pillows, and quilts intelligently adapts to the human body for personalized comfort.


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Hygiene Perma Pillow

S $127.00

Mattress Protector

S $95.00$151.00

Gel Pillow

S $55.00

Chamber Down Feather Pillow

S $111.00

Goosedown Quilt

S $349.00$629.00

Microtech Quilt

S $135.00$215.00

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Egyptian Cotton Towels

Bedorigin offers only premium quality towels and floor mats in Singapore. Made from long-fiber Egyptian cotton and soft bamboo, Hallmark towels are well-known for being soft, fluffy, brilliant colors and absorbs water quickly

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