Towel & Mat

Hallmark towels have long been well-known for being the softest, smoothest, most fluffy, brilliant colors, and absorbs water quickly.

They were made from the perfect blend of long-fiber Egyptian cotton and soft bamboo in mercerized finishings.


The Towel & Mat Collection

Tencel Cotton Bath Towel (Gift Box)

S $31.00

Egyptian Cotton Bamboo

S $11.00$39.00

Egyptian Cotton

S $7.00$31.00

Turkish Pure Cotton

S $39.00

Turkish Soft Bamboo

S $13.00$63.00

Tencel Cotton (Bath)

S $31.00

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Pillows & Quilts

From comfortable feather down pillows in 2 chambers to luxurious goosedown quilt, Hallmark pillows, and quilts intelligently adapts to the human body for personalized comfort.

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